List of High Authority Web 2.0 Creation Sites

What are Web 2.0 Creation  Sites?

Web 2.0 sites are those on which we can create pages, publish content, comment, and communicate with other users in terms of chat, commenting, like the posts of others. In simple words, the sites on which you can submit content such as blog posts, videos, and images are called web 2.0 sites.

Benefits of Web 2.0 Creation  Sites

  • You will get high quality backlinks. It could be no-follow OR do-follow as per the nature of the website. To Know more about backlinks, visit this: what are backlinks and its types.
  • You will get traffic towards your website from the web2.0 link.
  • It will help to increase your domain authority and domain ranking.
  • It helps to engage users and send the traffic to the main website.
  • This technique is Used to increase your network.
  • Users can treat your web 2.0 as your primary website.
  • It will improve the rank of your business keywords in SERP.
  • Exposure to your business services.
  • Users can use hashtags in most of the web 2,0 sites.

Process to start with Web 2.0 Sites

  1. Do Registration on web 2.0 websites by sign-up.
  2. You can choose your keyword in a username as most of the sites given as a domain name later.
  3. Fill all the profile details like name, website, social media links, etc.
  4. Need to Create pages like about us, contact us, etc. Only if applicable.
  5. Start posting relevant content, so that more users can engage with you.

Tips for Business Web 2.0 creation sites

  1. Select the perfect suitable theme for your web
  2. Choose your domain name as per your business name or business services.
  3. Use only high quality and relevant content with related images.
  4. Update every information about your business services in their respective place.
  5. Avoid duplicate content.
  6. Try to post a blog of 300-400 words minimum.
  7. Use white hat SEO techniques to promote.

Web 2.0 Sites Requirements

  1. You should have an email account either business email or personal email.
  2. You should have the content(used in the bio or your about us section) which shows that intent of creating web 2.0. So that other users can get an idea of what kind of content you are promoting.

Below is the list of high authority Web 2.0 Creation sites:

S. No. Website Domain Authority
1 99
2 94
3 74
4 79
5 57
6 92
7 61
8 63
9 76
10 32
11 35
12 90
13 93
14 46
15 48
16 92
17 97
18 91
19 96
20 85
21 56
22 89
23 74
24 75
25 52
26 48
27 28
28 63
29 71
30 78
Web 2.0 creation sites list

Final Thoughts: I hope you like my post, I put my best effort to find the latest and updated list of all the high DA web 2.0 creation sites. I will update this post as I find new web 2.0 creation sites by 2021. These websites will help you in SEO and having such a long list to post your content on unique platforms is like a bonus. Site or blog as per your business niche. You can comment and let us know what you thought about this post. Thanks for Reading!


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